Using TEM As A Budgeting Tool

Cost savings, operational efficiencies, and more to justify your annual telecom budget

According to recent AOTMP research, an enterprise will achieve 7.7% annual savings for fixed telecom expense management , and 9.4% for mobile TEM through proactive auditing and optimization activities1. In addition, efficiencies can be gained and additional savings attained when operating an entire telecom program through a centralized platform. While these savings bode well for IT and telecom managers, organizations today need to justify costs in their annual budgets. A line item for technology expense management makes sense, but in an age of big data analytics, intuition and qualitative discussion should also include a quantitative analysis to support your business case and show a return on investment. Any annual budget process should examine spending on both a departmental and line-item basis. Telecom spend in particular, provides ground ripe for analysis and review of enterprise-level spending. A single-platform TEM solution can assist by analyzing costs across multiple product lines. Telephones, Internet spend, and mobile devices all create cost centers, but they do not operate in a vacuum. TEM allows organizations to analyze usage and cost together, while identifying ways to adjust patterns and shift approaches to maximize value for each mode of communication technology employed. This whitepaper explores the areas in which a TEM program creates efficiency within an organization and reviews the cost savings such a program provides.